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  2. Mordria laughed as she bumped into Edgar. "Well I figure since we've verified our cargo is packed we can join the others that are launching for the moon soon, they are probably in the community hall or the mess hall. Are you hungry?" she asked him. @Obvious
  3. "That's Harlee Quixn. She and three of her sisters, all scientists, that are going to Mars for specialty research. Harlee tends to get herself into trouble but she's sweet," she looked up to Dagonet. "Dag's had to clean up his fair share of of her messes and it looks like she may have gotten into another one," Charlotte advised the other woman. @Dragon @Obvious
  4. "Now you've got me thinking of the possibility of death by mold infestation when we get on the moon. We always like to think we'll go out in blaze of glory or old in bed with great grandchildren next to us. Imagine a super mold infestation, with my luck it wouldn't even be a cool blob mold monster." Edgar mused before snapping back to Mordria, "Sometimes my mind trails off. Anyway, where to?" @Morrigan
  5. Ishie took her information packet, but was still looking at the confrontation at the door. She waved back to Harlee with a confused look. @Dragon @Morrigan
  6. Mordria waved to Kaito before she began to leave with Edgar. "I think he's supposed to grow on you like mold. You don't always want him there but he sticks," Mordria said to Edgar. @Obvious
  7. Right after the man there were two identical looking women with different hairstyles that came out. The more put together of the two told the other to wait. "Dr Green please come back," she said as she stalked away. "Looks like Harlee got herself into trouble again." Harlee waved at the trio as the receptionist began to scan in Ishie's badge while collecting her informational packet for her trip to the Moon. @Dragon @Obvious
  8. "Nothing for you to worry about," Dag shook his head once, though at this point he was eyeing the man as well, "some are just under more stress during the launch than others. It's just how these things happen to go," he gave a reassuring smile. @Morrigan @Obvious
  9. Edgar laughed and nodded. "Sure, why not? I should meet more teammates before we go up there. Lead the way." @Morrigan
  10. Ishie covered a laugh with her hand as she went up to the receptionist. That was when the loud crash happened once more. She tried not to stare at the man and whispered quietly to Chuck and Dagonet, "Um...should we be worried?" She nodded toward the door. @Dragon @Morrigan
  11. It was the final dinner before they finally accelerated around the moon. The entire Alliance 1 crew was on the ship and it was a palpable buzz that you could feel through each individual crew member. They were going to be the crew that started the first colony on Mars. They were going to be the ones that made a future for others on Mars. Whatever happened here would set the future up for success.... or disaster. No one was thinking of the potential disaster. Especially not Joe as she sat down with a few others at an already crowded table leaning a little too much into one guy as her
  12. The Alliance 1 is done finalizing their preparations to leave for Mars. Everything (and one) is packed and ready to go. They are circling the moon for their final time and will be accelerating to slingshot around the moon to head for Mars. But wait.... What's happening?
  13. Malachite Van der Aart - His specialty on Wanderer 1 is Manual Labor. He's run his own small homestead before, so he knows the value of digging. He may not be a terraform specialist, but if they give him a task to do he's apt to fulfill it to the best of his abilities. He can't let his muscles atrophy after all.
  14. Charlotte laughed. "I think their war was their version of affection," she glanced up to Dagonet. "Oh! It looks like you're up," she indicated to the receptionist. Off to the side the sound from the door happened again. This time closer to the door before the door opened and an angry looking man exited and started away from it. @Dragon @Obvious
  15. Mordria grinned. "If you didn't I most certainly did," she said. "You want to meet my boyfriend Edgar?" she asked. @Obvious
  16. "Looks like it will be an interesting and funny trip then. Glad I brought my camera. Will make for some great pictures and videos." He laughed jokingly. @Grimscythe @Morrigan
  17. "That doesn't look like hate to me." Ishie smiled, "Sometimes it just takes time to get to know someone." @Dragon @Morrigan
  18. "My boyfriend is Russian Tsugahara. I am going to be up to my eyeballs in vodka," she grinned to them both. "Also heard Engineering may already have a still setup somewhere," she said mischievously to them both. @Obvious @Grimscythe
  19. "I think that they thought they hated one another because they were so alike." @Dragon @Obvious
  20. "I'm not sure I want to take that bet, Mordria." Edgar chuckled, "Is it to get him to drink on purpose or by accident?" "I don't drink alcohol myself, but now I'm tempted to try to create moonshine for the laughs. Well, if I can start Audrey 2 as a non invasive species it shouldn't be a problem then. I do know I want broccoli and cauliflower. Recreating brocoflower should be a nice and easy start." @Morrigan @Grimscythe
  21. Ishie covered her mouth as she laughed at the picture. She nodded to Dag, showing a look of sympathy as she figured he was now embarrassed. "That is adorable," She answered to Chuck. @Dragon @Morrigan
  22. “I’m boring, not deaf Nemes,” he called, amusement flickering in his eyes. “Until we can get things growing on Mars, you might want to conserve whatever you’ve got with you. There’s no liquor stores in space.” He lowered the tablet, leaving it on its dock. “It’s an unnecessary uphill battle, if you bring the invasive ones,” he added, speaking to Edgar. @Morrigan@Obvious
  23. "You don't need his lists. Tsugahara tends to be a little zealous in his duties. I'll make a bet with you now. I'll get him to drink something alcoholic before we get to Mars," she said to Edgar. @Grimscythe@Obvious
  24. "Its not that," Charlotte said looking over to Dagonet with a frown again. "He was just very prissy and Dag claims he didn't like him," she explained. "But...." she swiped over a few pictures to a picture of Dagonet passed out in his favorite arm chair with Crookshanks curled around his head. "He's a liar," she whispered conspiratorially. @Dragon @Obvious
  25. "A Persian! He's adorable. Does he not like other animals?" Ishie looked at Dag, then turned back to Chuck. "I seem to be the only one who's never read or watched Harry Potter. I know the basics though. The series was rather popular in Japan. Who is taking care of him right now?" @Dragon @Morrigan
  26. Edgar was confused at first and then chuckled. "Last I checked seeds were organic material. Good one." He looked back at Mordria, "Looks like I'm going to need that list. Experiments? Now that I'm looking forward to. Though with the mention of invasive life, I'm kind of bummed we can't make an Audrey 2. Probably for the best." @Morrigan @Grimscythe
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