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    The world around me hums with energy. With a life that few know how to tap into. I can feel it, even see it sometimes. On my whim I harness that energy, focus it, manipulate it. I can both create and destroy. I am a mage.

    Lilin Origins

    Lilith was the first wife of Adam and his counterpart in wisdom and power. For this she was banished from the garden of Eden.

    When banished God cursed Lilith to never know true love. This didn't stop her from seeking a long string of affairs starting with Lucifer.

    Shrouding herself like an old woman she went to the village and found a man to do as she bade. She used her feminine wiles to convince him to kill Abel. She promised him wisdom and he agreed. Believing that she would never see the man again she left him there to his death. Unfortunately, she met him again, the wandering, banished first murderer, Caine. Feeling an obligation to him she took Caine in, tended to his injuries, fed and healed him, and taught him the secret of wisdom.

    While with Caine was with Lilith they were happy. Unfortunately, Caine could never truly love Lilith and her love for him was insurmountable they could never be happier then they were already.

    It was some time later, when Caine was to come lay with her that Lilith heard arguing in front of her home between Caine and her eldest son Spero, a lacertae (lizard) transcension. Just as Lilith came outside Caine used the wisdom that she had taught him and killed her son.

    In her rage, Lilith sought her wrath on Caine intent on killing him by lashing out at him. When it came to the moment, her remaining seven children behind her, she couldn't do it; she loved him too much. Instead she banished him from her sight swearing that if he came back to her that she would finish what she started.

    Lilith never saw Caine again.

    When he was out of her sight Lilith went to her son, falling to her knees she sobbed into his chest praying to god to bring back her son. When god saw her child he ignored her prayers abandoning Lilith for the last time.

    Lilith then had seven days of mourning before they put her son to earth where she was born from.

    After this Lilith's story fades into myth. Most believe that she died of sorrow and loneliness. Few believe that she took her children and started to amass an army to take over humanity. The only thing that is truly known is that Lilith developed the veil to protect her children from the children of Adam and Eve's bias toward their own children. The veil was created to hide their true form and can only be entered by Lilin and those with Lilin protection.

    Regardless of what happened the Lilin population swelled significantly for a time. As the years progressed the Lilin found it harder to survive and they started to be hunted. To keep from going extinct they formed a single guild called Filii Lamia meaning Children of Lilith.

    From this point the Children protected one another and worked together to breed and regain in number abducting humans to feed them and going out and tricking them into giving their humanity for a child.

    As the numbers grew again the Filii Lamia grew too large for one single group and chose to separate based on their preferred feeding vice or virtue.

    With their numbers larger now the Lilin branched out and started to reintegrate with society.

    What is a Lilin?

    Lilin can be likened to the demons, succubi or even soul suckers. Lilin feed on the emotions of all living beings to sustain themselves. Likely one of the strongest

    Night Lilin:

    Vespertilio - Bat people

    Felidae - Cat people (includes big cats)

    Caprini - Goat people


    Day Lilin

    Cygnini - Swan people

    Vulpini - Fox people

    Equidae - Horse people (includes zebras and donkies)


    Twilight Lilin:

    Lepidoptera - Butterfly/Moth people

    How to become a Lilin

    For Lilins breeding is a difficult and exposing process. The desire to breed is higher in the females of the species, something that was passed on from Lilith's love for her children, but males have a drive to create offspring as well.

    The breeding process requires a lot of self sacrifice for the Lilin which has many of the Lilin fighting their urges to breed as well as some guilds strictly control the breeding of Lilin to keep from accidents and exposures that would require lengthy cleanup and assistance from other races.

    When a Lilin is prepared (or granted the ability to) procreate they must start at a difficult point and gain the trust or manipulate a human mate into allowing them to have a child. The Human has to give this gift willingly as it takes a part of their soul to do so. When the human agrees the Lilin would then have intercourse and during that they would consume part of the human's soul in the process by drinking a single drop of their blood.

    At this point, if successful, the Lilin becomes pregnant. It is important to note that not all attempts to conceive are successful. Each attempt on the same human will continue to draw more of their soul into the Lilin. This can cause adverse reactions including:

    • Paranoia regarding the Lilin.
    • Obsessive behavior.
    • Delirium.
    • Violence when the Lilin refuses their company.


    This detriment often leads to the Lilin breaking the relationship with the human. Unfortunately this does not fix the problem as the cause for this is the human is reaching for it's stolen soul and the only way to be near it is to be near the Lilin. This can cause the Lilin to take more drastic measures, often depending on the advice of their guild.

    Once the Lilin conceives a child it must maintain a steady diet. Decreasing in the diet can kill the fledgling child in their womb but can also be fatal to the Lilin themselves as the child has no control over their need to consume and cannot reach outside of the womb causing the fledgling to consume their Lilin parent.

    Normally the Lilins human mate will provide them with a steady diet of food, if the Lilin requests. The human does this as their soul pulls them back to their Lilin until the child is born.

    Depending on the quantity of food consumed will depend on how quickly the Lilin fledgling will grow in the womb. A Lilin can moderate the amount they consume to mimic a human pregnancy. Most Lilin's do not as the sacrifice in their appearance is often loathed by many.

    Male Lilin's also go through this process and normally expedite so not to bring suspicion upon them (a pregnant man is abnormal).

    Some guilds have protection and feeding services for male Lilin seeking to procreate.

    When the Lilin fledgling reaches a certain maturation point in the womb, and an ability to draw from beyond their parent they are then born. Both male and female Lilin normally prefer that the fledgling is cut from them. For women it is highly painful to have them naturally and if not treated properly can kill them. For Male Lilin, if the fledgling is not removed from them they are killed in the birthing process. This is another reason that Lilins seek moderation so they can plan the births of their children.

    Once the Fledgling Lilin is born it then feeds off of its parents and any other source near it. This normally forces Lilin to keep their children away from many others depending on how quickly they want their child to reach maturation. The more the fledgling consumes, the faster that the child will grow.

    The most common scenario for Lilin's masquerading in human environments will state that their child died in child birth and assist in a rapid maturation to release the fledgling into the world or introduce it into their life as a distant relative or friend.

    Lilin Powers

    Lilin are more or less considered the pacifists of the supernatural world. They are one of the more trusted races to keep the peace than other races and enforce places known as "sanctuaries". Being that Lilin can both passively and overtly assert dominance over every type of creature they are well liked for this role. Stronger willed people and creatures will be able to fend off the will of the Lilin but that doesn't diminish their ability to assert control on others around them.

    • Presence (Passive) - This is the number one Lilin ability which has the ability to invoke feelings of the Lilin's favored vice, virtue or emotion on those around them causing those feelings to increase. For those that do not feel those emotions it can make them uncomfortable and leave but for most it will saturate their vices and provide the Lilin with ample food sources.
      Example of Presence (Passive):

      When Violet walks into Vitality and into the businessman area where she frequents, these people are power hungry and when she comes in their ambitions become saturated. They want more, better wife, better car, better office, better job etc.

    • Presence (Defensive) - There is a protective maneuver for this for those that do not have either dominate they can reverse their presence and make themselves imposing breaking the veil slightly and exposing their true form through their shadow.
    • Presence Dominate - An advanced and older Lilin can supplement their presence with a sort of dominate that can call all those that are in their presence to their aid. This ability is a significant drain depending on the amount of people and their willpower to fight the Lilin's will. This makes it significantly hard to fight a Lilin in a group of people.
    • Vice/Virtue Dominate - Unlike presence dominate this is something that all Lilin can do and depending on the willpower of the other being can do it well at a young age. What this ability is capable of is the vice and virtue of the target matches the Lilin's vice or virtue preference then the Lilin has the ability to instruct the being to do one task. The more often the Lilin uses this on the same target the less likely it will work so they do not tend to use this.
      Also, a powerful Lilin can stack this with Presence dominate to make it less of a drain on them but does not otherwise improve the ability, the beings they dominate must have their vice or virtue of choice to lessen the load.
    • Life force - Well fed Lilin are stronger, more agile then a standard human but only by a slight amount. They are also significantly more resilient to physical attacks. All physical attacks that the Lilin uses Life Force for drains them significantly and in order to repair they must consume food. This is dangerous as it's likely if not careful or in a place with many people that an injured Lilin will kill their food source, loved ones included.


    Lilin's descend from Lilith, a well documented demon, lover of Lucifer and teacher of Caine. Lilith's fledglings took on seven forms. As the Lilin's grew further from Lilith they found survival difficult and numbers dwindled. To keep from going extinct they formed a single guild called Filii Lamia meaning Children of Lilith.

    From this point the Children protected one another and worked together to breed and regain in number abducting humans to feed them and going out and tricking them into giving their humanity for a child.

    As the numbers grew again the Filii Lamia grew too large for one single group and disagreements started to form on whether they should be out in the day or the night some fledglings preferring one over the others. Soon there was a discord amongst the race and their habits to consume. With their numbers larger, the Lilin decided to branch out and the seven guilds of Filii Lamia were created.

    The Night Guilds

    Night Guilds are liberal and Vice-based.

    • Media Noctem (the Midnight Guild)
      The "Demonic" Guild, home to those of Wrath and Envy preference, and a lot of the night-based Transcensions. This guild does not assist it's members and all members prefer their vice over their virtue.
    • Ad Vesperum (the Evening Guild)
      This guild is also Vice-based, but a little more conservative than the Midnight Guild. Home to primarily Pride and Greed vice favors. This guild will help others in their guild if it serves them a purpose.
    • His Tenebrae (the Dusk Guild)
      The most conservative of the Night Guilds, but still very liberal compared to the Day Guilds. Vices that normally prefer this guild are Gluttony and Lust. This guild will assist others in the guild and tends to host sanctuaries.

    The Twilight Guild

    • Ne Quid Nimis (the Twilight Guild)
      Devoted to keeping balance, the Twilight Guild - unlike Dusk and Dawn, who are related to it - believes only in balance and is neither liberal nor conservative. Home to Sloth and Patience. These guild members often have no preference to their vice or virtue.

    The Day Guilds

    • Aurora Lucens (the Dawn Guild)
      The most liberal of the Day Guilds. Home of Kindness and Charity. This guild assists in most things except for accidental draining cleanup. This guild is also trusted to run sanctuaries.
    • Niteo Mane (the Morning Guild)
      Also Virtue-based, but more liberal than the Daylight Guild. Home of Humility and Temperence
    • Diurnum Lumen (the Daylight Guild)
      (name is latin for "the light of day") The "Angelic" guild, home to the most conservative of each Transcension. Prefers Virtues and looks down on those with a preference for Vices. Home of Chastity and Diligence. They are a meticulous guild that takes good care of their Lilins. This guild supports it's male Lilin to procreate and assist in the hiding of both genders' pregnancies.
      This guild strictly enforces procreating rules and you must gain the blessing of the guild leader. Those that do no obey this are ostracized from the guild, upon having the fledglings they are taken from the parents and raised within the guild.
      This guild has had issues with the Media Noctem guild and has been caught fighting on occasion, before the veil was implemented and the guilds themselves, fighting quite often with them. This guild and the Media Noctem are the fledglings that started demon and angel mythos.

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