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    How do I change the image that shows with my posts?

    Go to the character's profile and click on the button in the top right:


    Click "Choose Photo" and upload an image. Image size will vary depending on where its shown on the site but the size that Morrigan uses is 800x350.

    What is a magical vs non-magical beings?

    Non-magical beings are humans that do not have any innate supernatural abilities. So a self-taught mage is still considered a "non-magical" being as they do not have innate magical abilities.

    What are gods? Are they playable?

    Gods on our site are reference to extremely powerful magical beings that roamed the earth when superstition and magic was more prevalent and people were not as intelligent. Gods were not un-killable beings of ultimate power but just supernatural beings with enormous amounts of power. It is believed that a good portion of them were some sort of Faerie creature or powerful mages.

    As it stands, gods are non-existent. Whether they have disappeared of their own accord or were killed by people depends on the god but power of that magnitude is no longer in the quantity that it was before.

    Why don't you have a species page for humans?


    I'm a human. You're a human. We're all humans... hey! We find it redundant to tell you how to human.

    I want to play a race that isn't listed? Can I do that?

    You can currently only play the available races listed in Species. If you have a race that you are interested in, we encourage you to pitch the idea to the staff so we can consider it. We do not guarantee every idea will be added or that it will be identical to the idea pitched as we do have to make sure that it makes sense in the world.

    I want a custom ability for my mage/hunter/kindred/werecreature/etc

    We vet all powers so if you want something custom you are free to put it into your app and the staff will review it and approve it as necessary. If it is a significant power (very powerful, not really for that species, you want it unique to that character) there may be a gem cost but the staff will discuss that with you.

    What is a Vegan Kindred?

    A vegan kindred is a kindred that chooses not to feed on live creatures to lower the risk of killing someone unintentionally. These kindred find a means to feed that isn't fresh. Blood bags from a blood bank, animal blood are common sources of food for a vegan kindred. This sort of blood isn't very healthy for a kindred and weakens them significantly.

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