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    I have no master. I seek out what was never given to me, a purpose. Perhaps one day I will find it and find peace.

    Promethean Origins

    Prometheans were created by mages that needed an obedient servant, or slave, that was more adept than a golem and more loyal than a sentient being normally were. The hubris of mages of old knew very few bounds.

    Prometheans evolved in many capacities and are still the go-to for a servant however there are many autonomous Prometheans that either lost their mage or rebelled against them due to poor treatment.

    What is a promethean?

    Prometheans are a form of advanced golem. Made normally of human parts, these creations are stitched together and brought to life with magic, alchemy or both. They are able to think and have fine motor skills which makes them better than golems who are clumsy and unintelligent.

    How to become a promethean

    A Promethean is only created. The art of creating a Promethean is normally attributed to other prometheans or mages although a human with the right knowledge (re: Frankenstein) can also create one but this is rare.

    A Promethean is a hodge podge of human parts sewn, stapled or otherwise woven together with a mix of chemicals. Once assembled a promethean comes to life with a shock or magical charge in which they are born.

    Prometheans, to start, are very quick learning children. They go from baby to toddler within a week or two. They evolve and become as competent as a teenager within a few months.

    The type of brain will not affect the Prometheans intelligence as the Promethean is like a brand new person, it will, however, provide the Promethean with specialized skills and proclivities. For this reason serial killers and similarly unsavory types are avoided in the brain choosing process.


    Prometheans powers are limited and primarily attributed to the parts that they are gifted with in the creation process.

    Alchemic Aptitude -Prometheans are adept in alchemy without having to learn it. They have an innate knowledge for the chemical reactions.

    Immunity - Prometheans are immune to poisons and do not bleed.

    Upgrades - Prometheans are able to upgrade themselves by sewing new parts onto their body and replacing the old ones. The only thing a promethean cannot replace is its neck and head. Another promethean can assist one in replacing its torso by placing its head on a new torso, but the actual head and neck are the "essence" of the promethean.


    Fire - Fire is a permanent way to damage and kill a Promethean.

    Indentured (Mage created Prometheans only) - Unless relieved of their duties a Promethean must be obedient to a fault to their mage creator. Prometheans may rebel against their creator and leave, however they will still have a level of obedience to them if they show back up in life, though they will be able to resist it more than others.

    Untied - A promethean must always have the stitches that pulled their body together. This is how they are able to switch out parts. These parts, while they will work together, will never heal together. As such a promethean can be unraveled.

    Others can replace their parts - Prometheans are a little like dolls in the fact that you can pull their head off and put it on another body. As such a promethean can have this happen to them. It is a sort of sacrilegious thing to do to a promethean.

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