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Alice Gregory

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    Lena Headey
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    Redford Pack,Gregory Family
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    Alice is a pretty well known person around Dawnbreak being a born there, a hunter and married to Dawnbreak's baseball golden boy, Seth Redford.

    Her whole immediate family are hunters and her families have always been good friends with the Redfords.

    Alice has been best friends with Seth, her now husband, since she was basically born

    Known as a fair and extremely skilled hunter.

    She has a bit of a temper and known to get  into fights.

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    Has a few

  • History

    Alice was born and raised for the first 8 years of her life in Dawnbreak. At the age of 8 she was sent to her grandmother's home in England where she was to start her more heavy training in hunting as she was already adept in her abilities. She spent the next 10 years training and honing her skills alongside other hunters that were fortunate enough to learn from one of the oldest hunter families.

    When she was eighteen she was sent on assignments. It was at twenty that she reconnected with her childhood best friend after a rather stunning baseball game.

    Seth and Alice hit it off extremely well and fell in love hard and fast.

    It was within a few months of her coming back that they had a shotgun wedding with Elvis (her dream wedding). The pair made things work with phone calls while they were both on the road for their careers.

    Over the past 10 years they have worked at the same time and then went home to Dawnbreak during his off season or travel. In 2020 they had their first set of twins.

    As it stood when Alice found out that she was pregnant and noticed a significant change in Seth due to heavy use of a moon ring that was supposed to only be for games that landed on the full moon. At this point they discussed him retiring and coming to both really settle down together and raise their 3 (read 4) kids.

    Alice is currently 3.5 months pregnant.

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