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Grim Horizons
  • Rules

    Site Standards

    •  3-3-3 Rating only players that are over the age of 18 are permitted.
      Grim Horizons allows graphic use of language, as well as uncensored portrayal of violence and sexual content. It is up to players to specify what they are comfortable with. We recommend doing that by editing your profile and utilizing the "Player Limits" or Creating a Plotter and creating a topic in there.
    • No Word Count
      Grim Horizons staff enforce neither a minimum nor maximum word count for posts and encourage post pacing. Post pacing is where you reply with the amount that progresses the story without caring about length. Back and forth conversations on a couch need little or no extra content, for example, other than the conversation.
    • No Application
      Grim Horizons utilizes the IPS Character Mod.  Simply fill out the listed required profile fields and begin playing. There is no approval process. We will get you sorted into your correct group when we are available.
    • No minimum or maximum character age
      We allow for characters of minor age to be played on this site, however, all minor characters are explicitly banned from threads with depictions of graphic sex in any way. While we know it happens we do not condone it, pedophilia, grooming and any adjacent subject is strictly forbidden. Adult characters that experienced this as children are permitted if the abuser is not played, NPCed or otherwise in use.
    • We allow both people and characters of any race, religion, creed, gender identity on this site.
      Minor characters can be gender confused however may not be going through the process of transitioning (IE taking puberty blockers, undergoing transition therapy, or genital mutilation). These are all politically charged items that we would like to avoid on this RP. Adult characters, on the other hand, are free to do this.
    • We have no activity rules
      We have no minimum activity rule. We will archive all of a players characters who haven't posted in 3 months and after a week of no posting in a thread a player may be skipped without consent of the player.
    • Consent is king 👑
      We don't mind many subjects being done, gone through, used in RP as long as the players involved in the plots consent to the plot in hand. This means that if you want to go through with a pregnancy plot (even if there is a complication) that both involved parental characters' players must consent.


    Face Claims, Play Bys

    • If utilized, Play Bys/Face Claims must be represented by real people. No cartoon or anime characters will be allowed as claims. However you are not required to have one.
    • Players may use original and commissioned realistic artwork as representation 
    • Duplicate face claims are allowed with the consent of both parties, the original face claimer getting the final say.
    • Formerly utilized face claims from inactive characters are fair game as determined by staff after 1 month of inactivity.


    In Character Regulations

    • We encourage open threads
      This is particularly important in open spaces (like parks, streets, stores etc). However we know that some people prefer 1x1 threads. If you like to expand your (grim) horizons we recommend that you leave your thread open and even invite a 3rd or 4th player.
    • Linear-Liquid Time
      Characters may be in multiple threads at once, and threads may be done both past and present. It is up to the player to keep track of their progress. However, to keep progression moving there is a set timeline for events on the site to create a progression of time.
    • RP courtesy applies
      If you don't know the three don'ts of RP they are no metagaming, powerplaying or godmoding. If you need or want clarification on these please reach out to the staff we will be happy to educate you.
    • Establish Post Orders in Group Threads
      Standard post order is 1-2-3 however we prefer pacing over anything. If two players are conversing it may be apt to let them converse before you reply again. In this instance communication is key. Make sure all players in a thread feel included and not passed over, even those that are crashing.

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