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    Some say ghosts are the memories of a person lost before their time. If its just a memory then why do they ask how my day was?

    Specters Origins

    This is something that people can only speculate on as there really isn't a documented origin to how they came about, one day one didn't exist and the next one did.

    What is a specter?

    Specters are ghosts, spirits, the souls of the dead. They are apparitions of a deceased person that has not moved into the assumed afterlife and remains on this plane of existence. Not all of these beings are cognizant of their death or in full control of their existence.

    The ones that are playable on Grim Horizons are those that are willing to interact and while they may not know they are dead they are able to act on their own volition.

    How to become a specter

    Specters are the result of magic whether it be because it was cast on them, they were cursed, violent death or have unfinished business.

    Unfinished business is a sort of self manifested magic where a person will manifest themselves to complete some sort of work.


    Specters do not have unlimited amounts of power and generally do not get more powerful over time. Overall, unless malevolent, specters are the least dangerous supernatural beings. Specters have unlimited mobility as they are not stopped by walls.

    Move object - As simple as it sounds objects are extremely difficult for specters to move. Gravity is the friend of most specters. More powerful, malevolent, specters are known to lift things off the ground or throw things.

    Send message - In a way specters can give the living a sort of epiphany or "gut feeling" to assist them. On the specters side its normally them screaming or repeating themselves relentlessly while to the livings side its just a feeling or idea.

    Occupy Body - This requires a willing participant and is temporary. A specter will have limited control and sensation through the body of the participant.

    Show self - The specter will show a glimmer of themselves to someone in some way. This can be a partial bnody apparition, full body apparition. Normally its easiest to be a reflection in a mirror.


    Unseeable - Specters are inivisible to almost everyone. There are a limited amount of people that can see specters without issue including Mediums (Mages with the ability to communicate with the dead), fae, vampires, hunters and someone who has died and come back to life. Someone who has died and returned to life can see specters more easily than those that have not, though specters must reveal themselves to these sorts of people, they do not just see them like the others (mage, hunter, vampire and fae) do.

    Iron - Iron will temporarily banish a specter. To a specter this is extremely painful and feels like being shattered.

    Salt - Salt barriers are like physical walls and being blasted with salt is similar to iron. Being shot with a rock salt round would knock a ghost out of an occupied body, while injuring the body.

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