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    Breeding Procreation is an important part of species survival. For the most part, unless mentioned in specialty procreation section, breeding is done with intercourse. There is, however, options of what the child will be depending on the parents, as we will explain below. Offspring For the most part a child born of two supernaturals will be of one of the supernaturals species that their parents are. Specialty Breeding Vampires procreate by turning humans (including hunters or mages) by the embrace which is explained in their article. Lilin procreate by intercourse
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  6. This is how and where to receive gems
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    Specters Ghosts, etc
  8. These are available items in the gem shop
  9. Each creature tends to have their own hierarchy depending on where they are, however Dawnbreak has a unique dynamic where all shifters answer to the Redford wolf pack. While each creature has their own sub pack, or lone culture, shifter issues are brought to the Redford's Wolf pack. For decisions, most things go to the Redford Pack council, which does include other werecreature types, but anything that needs immediate action, final decisions or the council needs a tie breaker, it goes to the Redford alpha and his mate. Redford pack Hierarchy: Alpha: Red Redford Alpha's mate
  10. List of common Potions
  11. This will be an article about species blood: Playable Species Vampire Were-creatures Gorgon Human Mage Valkyrie Hunter Furskin Playable through Gem Purchase Lilin Fae (Nympths, Elves, Dryads, Mermaid's, Satyrs, Siren, Kelpie) Dragon Gargoyles Promethean Other species These species exist in the world but are hidden. They are primarily used for their parts in potions or blood. They may also be used in admin driven plots. Phoenix Hydras Goblins Golem Sphinx
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