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Grim Horizons
    • Max Crew members: 50
    • Destination:





    • Required Specialties:
      • Engineering (Computer and large devices)
      • Manual labor (all kinds)
      • Medical (doctors and nurses)
      • Ship (Security, captain, pilot)
      • Terraforming
    • Banned Specialties:
      • Anything non-essential and/or frivolous.
    • Specific Dispensations:
      • Single characters preferred
      • Married couples permitted
      • No children
      • No pets
      • Max weight of Personal Items is 10 pounds, no liquids.
      • Digital storage of 5 terabytes permitted.
      • Limited Celebrity allowance - 5

    The Alliance 1 is the start of the Mars mission. After many other missions have gone through this is the first to start the terraforming project to make Mars Green again. This particular mission will be repeated a few times on other vessels.

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