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Grim Horizons

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Well the threat became a reality. It wasn't like they couldn't afford it and Violet honestly needed to see her kids again anyways. This was the last chance she may see her eldest son in the flesh, and her youngest son was going to be gone for years.

They had been to the moon at least twice before. This time it was more tense and felt like a funeral.

There was no assurance that the Wanderer 1 would return and if it did how soon that would be.

Violet and Deb had talked it out. Two of her kids were going on this mission and while she was upset she couldn't hold her kids back. She would have told her own mom or, more likely, her mother-in-law to fuck off. So, she would have rathered let them go knowing she still loved and cared about them.

She didn't tell Alice she was coming. The last time Alice had spoken to Deb or Dave was when Deb hung up on her daughter for saying she was switching missions.

As they got settled Violet contacted Seth for the surprise.


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